Storage Insurance

Contents Protection for Renters

What is Storage Insurance?​

Storage insurance covers personal belongings that are stored in a self-storage location. Storage insurance provides coverage that homeowner/renters insurance policies may fail to provide. Storage insurance is inexpensive and provides a separate line of insurance with coverages specific to storage needs.  

What does Storage Insurance Cover?

Storage insurance covers damage to personal property including but not limited to theft, vandalism, fire or lightning, windstorm or hail, civil commotion, building collapse, and rodent damage.

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What Does Coverage Look Like? 

Our storage insurance policy coverage includes:

  • $2,500 to $5,000 in Personal Property Coverage
  • Sublimit: $250 in Rodent Damage Coverage

Policy Exclusions:

  • Firearms, Jewelry, Animals, Documents, and Furs
  • Damages from Flood, Earthquake, Wear and Tear

Other Benefits:

  • Easy Premium Payment – premium payments can be included with your monthly rental payment, ensuring simplicity and continual coverage.
  • Convenience – storage program is available through your storage facility.

Filing a Claim:

  • Notify the property manager when a loss is discovered.
  • Contact the police if the loss is due to crime including theft or vandalism. A police report must be obtained.
  • Protect your property from further loss.
  • Do not discard the damaged goods, wait for an adjuster to contact you advising they may be discarded. A photo or video may be required.
  • To file a claim, please email us at or call 1-844-584-1271

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